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“You will be exactly the same five years from now as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books that you read.”  Charlie Tremendous Jones

Jim’s advice?  Constantly prospect, and read these fine books.
You will be happy you did!



On With The Show

Collectors Edition

On With The Show

This spectacular 300 page manuscript lifts the curtain and brings to life the fascinating tale of highly acclaimed banjoist, recording artist, entertainer and star of many a lime-lit stage, “Banjo Jim” McCarty.

An intriguing yarn, On With the Show, spotlights Jim’s fascinating showbiz career while delighting readers with stories about such extraordinary things as; life and death on the Mississippi River, grandiose steamboats, swashbuckling seafarers, Bengal Tigers, impresarios, mafia chieftains and even a cute, teeny-weeny, yellow, polka-dot bikini to name but just a few.

Banjo Jim’s exciting saga is packed with great adventure and surprise.  The book itself is loaded with Jim’s personal philosophies, meaningful quotes, and pearls of wisdom which have led to his renowned success as a performer and motivational speaker.  His great sales expertise manifests itself throughout.  Add this book to your collection, adopt his convictions, and get on with your show!


 Ice To The Eskimos


Ice to the Eskimos 

This codex is an expedition through real life circumstances to teach you step by step how out to bring your deals to fruition. It incorporates an abundance of real life chronicles and real challenges every salesman faces.

Don't let the satiric illustration on the cover fool you this is a true roadmap to success that may probably be the last book you will ever have to read to get you to the top of your game.

Ice to the Eskimos is a combination of; amazing stories, magic, illusionism and mentalism.  You will know intuitively what to do in every sales situation as if to be reading the client's mind and be able to close the deal.

This book will teach you to stop selling lanterns and start selling the light!

Order this treasure now, You Will Be Happy You Did!


Above The Line


Above the Line 

Filled with effective power phrases, and loaded with compelling charts, graphs and illustrations,
Above the Line uses persuasive analogies, intriguing stories, and alluring techniques to position disability insurance in such a way as to cause clients to desire the product, and to purchase it now!

Whether seeking to sell the hourly employee or the business executive, this remarkable manuscript is for you!


Real World Sales


Real World Sales Strategies That Work

If you are searching for cutting edge sales ideas, and dynamic strategies, concepts and techniques that work in the real world, look no further!

This unique collection of ideas from twelve bestselling authors who have made a significant impact through their sales prowess, gives the reader a priceless insight into their philosophies and expertise gained from years of experience, selling to real people, in real companies, under real circumstances.  Unbounded success in the sales profession is yours today, if you read, internalize, and put into practice the learnings contained in this powerful book.  Recommendation?  Buy this book now!


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