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Jim is not just about presenting.  He is about performing!

“Engaging”, “enlightening”, and “enriching” are but a few of the words used to describe Jim’s action-packed shows, and his presentation style.  Sales people from all fields of endeavor who attend Jim’s sessions are not merely passive observers, but rather they become passionate absorbers of ShowbizSelling®  cutting-edge sales strategies that work!

TigerOften described as the art of employing glitz, glamour, entertainment and charm, to present a person, product, or an idea, in such a way as to inspire targeted prospects to hire that person, purchase that product, or implement that idea without delay. ShowbizSelling® is often touted as the vanguard approach to sales training today.

As active participants of the ShowbizSelling® curriculum, sales people measure their readiness through written evaluations, perform role-play scenarios, and internalize powerful concepts that they will want to put into practice immediately!

Being a persuasive storyteller, Jim takes producers to new heights, builds their confidence and enables them to increase their earnings dramatically by encouraging them to leverage their own creativity and showmanship.  Jim’s showbiz selling techniques embrace the use of intriguing analogies, thought provoking questions, and amusing yarns.  All of which leads attendees to achieve stellar sales results.

If you are looking for proven ways to unlock profitable sales in today’s competitive economy, look no further.  Jim McCarty and ShowbizSelling® holds the key!

Hire Jim Now! You will be happy you did!
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